Tribute to Sosa

Diego and Carolina dedicate their program to the Great Women of Latin American, with the unforgettable "Voz Latina" Mercedes Sosa leading the way, the Nuevas Canciones of Violetta Parra and the lyrical braveness of Alfonsina Storni.

Violetta Parra´s Gracias a la vida and Volver a los diecisiete look back on life with a melancholic twinke in the eye. Ariel Ramirez´ famous Alfonsina y el mar is a tribute to Argentine poet and feminist Alfonsina Storni, who disappeared into the sea an evening of the late thirties. Another highlight is Juana Azurduy, a song dedicated to a brave woman, who was way ahead of her time: Mestizo Juana Azurduy fought in the Bolivian War of Independence against Spain.

Furthermore part of the program: classics of Buena vista Social Club, such as Veinte años and Dos gardeñas.